Chess play 820x410 - The importance of chess clubs in promoting the game of chess

The importance of chess clubs in promoting the game of chess

Each sport tends to have its own association or league. Such associations help promote the sport and attract audiences. Think of the Major League Baseball (MLB), British Racecourses (BRC), National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the United States.

So too does chess. Often called chess clubs, these help attract chess players in a particular vicinity or locality. These chess clubs are the foundations to organizing chess tournaments such as the Euro Club Cup. Examples of these are the Le Cercle d’échecs de Monte-Carlo (CAMC) and the United States Chess Federation.

Such chess clubs are also the pivot around which sports betting can be organized. Betting agencies can get to know local stars and the next generation of potential grandmasters through chess clubs, and can put a stake on such players. The recent repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) ensures that betting agencies can play a more active role in promoting chess club members.

chess club - The importance of chess clubs in promoting the game of chess

Typically, local chess clubs fulfil the following roles – New signups, sport promotion, organization of tournaments, game development and so on. They are integral cogs in the governments vision to promote chess, especially here in the United States where often we have attracted foreign stars to play on our behalf due to a lack of national talent.

Additionally, they help to educate the next generation of players on the various rules and regulations in chess, beyond the basic rulebook. While rules can be read online or though guidebooks, the pressure of the clock in chess often leads people to forget them. Time can often be a devil, as they say. Playing at local tournaments in chess clubs ensure that you get accustomed to such rules even when time is against you.

chess club2 - The importance of chess clubs in promoting the game of chess

As a result, if you are an aspiring player, seek out chess clubs near your vicinity. Meet people who share similar interests, and practice on improving your game with them!

Playing Chess

2 key rules in chess that are advantageous to know for players

Rules and regulations are paramount to any sport. They ensure fair play and proper competency. The same applies to chess, where the so-called established rules are handy to know for any aspiring chess professional.

Chess is a game of wits and intellect. Often, during heated moments in tournaments, referees have to be at the top of their game to ensure that fair play continues. In addition to the standard rule book that governs the game, there are certain other rules that need to be kept in mind.

In addition, proper governance to rules is also important for external stakeholders, such as sport betting agencies and sports gamblers. Odds are determined based on the underlying assumption that the rules of the game would be adhered to strictly. Nowadays, betting in chess tournaments has picked up in the United states due to the relaxation of betting laws.

touchmove - 2 key rules in chess that are advantageous to know for players

Touch and Move

The ‘Touch and move’ rule in chess states that once a player has touched a chess piece, he is obliged to move that. This is regardless of intentions. Obviously, the rule applies only if the move can be made. For example, if a player touches a pawn that has nowhere to move forward, the rule is ignored.

Legality and timing

Moves have to be legal. If you make an illegal move, say moving a knight diagonally or something equally ludicrous, the referee has the authority to grant the opponent additional time. Considering that timing is so crucial to the game and can make or break players, this rule can change the dimensions of a game.

There are many more, which we don’t state here due to the restriction of post length. Knowing these rules can be very advantageous while playing against amateurs or beginners.