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Euro Club Cup is a premier chess competition that takes places between 6 top European nations every four years. Similar to the European Championships in Football, the Club Cup is chess’ equivalent. The best talent from all across Europe gathers at a select location to pit their skills against each other.

Started in 1936, the Club Cup has produced moments of greatness, such as Austria’s exhilarating upset of holders USSR in 1964, and Slovakia’s run to glory in 1988. Chess is a sport that has been part of the European sporting scene for a long time, and continues to be so. While it doesn’t have the same appeal as football or the Olympics, it is a well-followed sport.

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Russia holds the record for the most number of Cup victories at 9. The nation’s steady hold over the trophy has never wavered. Russia, previously the USSR, has produced chess legends and grandmasters such as Gary Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov. Chess culture runs deep within Russia’s veins.

This blog aims to promote the image of Chess and the Euro Club Cup to a global audience. Chess is also a major sport in nations such as India, China and the United States, and with some effort it is possible to extend the format of the Club Cup to a global stage.