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Chess Opening

The Most Effective Way to Beat the London System
How to Beat the London System
When you need to beat the London System, there is no need to complicate matters. Return to the Queen's...
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5 Simple Rules to Get Great Positions blog image1
The 5 Essential Chess Opening Principles
Chess opening principles are beneficial to beginners. They allow you to navigate the opening safely without...
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The Modern Defense A Complete Guide blog image
Strike Back Now With the Modern Defense – A Complete Chess Opening Guide
The Modern Defense is a chess opening for Black that arises after the moves 1.e4 g6 2.d4 Bg7. Counter-attack...
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sicilian najdorf a comprehensive guide
The Powerful Sicilian Najdorf Variation – A Complete Guide
Although played by chess world champions the Sicilian Najdorf is equally well-suited for club players....
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5 must know variations of the english opening blog image
5 Must-Know Variations of the Powerful English Opening
The English Opening in chess is a powerful opening without a heavy theoretical workload. These are 5...
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5 winning opening strategies you can use now blog image
5 Winning Opening Strategies in Chess to Use Now!
A sound opening strategy in chess will make it easier for you to win chess games. Your opening strategy...
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Best Chess Openings For Beginners: Queen's Gambit Declined
Chess Strategy for Beginners: How to Play the Queen’s Gambit Declined
Watched Queen's Gambit on Netflix and want to play chess? Learn all about the Queen's Gambit, one of...
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the philidor defense a complete guide blog image
The Philidor Defense – A Dogged Defense
The Philidor Defense - learn how to confidently play this dynamic chess opening for Black with this ultimate...
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queens gambit accepted a complete guide blog image 1
Queen’s Gambit Accepted: Rich in Winning Opportunities
The Queen's Gambit Accepted is a fighting defense that offers both sides every opportunity to play for...
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anatoly karpovs five favorite chess openings featured image
Anatoly Karpov’s Five Favorite Chess Openings
Anatoly Karpov liked playing the following chess openings: King's Indian Defense Samisch Variation.Caro-Kann...
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